1841 - 1934

The original building was designed to accommodate 140 children, from Wickham Market and Pettistree. It opened in 1843.

Some additions were added c1866, but by 1870 it had become too small for its catchment.

In 1871 an extension was added to double its size. It was now able to hold 250. The catchment area now included several neighbouring parishes. Also children from the local workhouse in Chapel Lane would now crocodile march to school each morning.

In 1898 a second extension was added, to bring its capacity up to 320 pupils.

Then in 1918 alterations were made to facilitate the inclusion of a Rural Pupil Teachers Centre. Because of the death of teachers in the aftermath of WW1, a number of these centres were created in schools around Suffolk to fast track training new teachers.

In 1927 a separate 'Special Subjects' building was erected to the rear of the property. The building was moved from Foxhall.

Following the building of the new Area School in Dallinghoo Road, the young pupils were relocated there with the first pupils moving in on 20th September 1934.

The R P T C eventually vacated the National School in 1940, when alterations had been made to accommodate the extra personnel.

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