Chairs, seating, stools and benches

Whether you are searching for a single chair to help finish a room, a comfortable armchair to lounge in or a set of dining room chairs we offer a good range and can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

The following are amongst our most popular and desirable chairs

Bachelor chair – this dates from the 18th century and can convert into a stepstool, ladder or ironing board!

Captain’s chair - a low backed wooden armchair.

Distressed brown leather chairs - extremely popular at the moment.

Chesterfield chair - typically made of leather, a low club style chair that is fully buttoned.

Nursing chair - a low seated, upholstered chair, originally used for a woman breast feeding an infant.

Pew - very popular today for kitchen areas and hallways.

Rocking Windsor chair - A classic rocking chair style with a high back and spindles

Swivel desk chairs - solid wood, upholstered with leather are popular.

Wing chair - an upholstered chair with large “wings” to enclose the head and torso and protect from drafts.